Thursday, March 27, 2008

CP3 for MVP

Remember when I raised the Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams debate on this site?

Well, let's just say, there's a clear-cut favorite now, and it's exactly who I suspected it to be.

Chris Paul is not only better than Deron (who I believe is the second-best pg in the world right now), but CP3 is absolutely the best point guard on the planet.

Steve Nash? Still sick, but older with less talent and no defense. Plus Paul (and D-Will, and Baron, and Tony Parker, etc.) kills him whenever they meet up.

Jason Kidd? He's 35, can't shoot or score, is slower and nowhere close to the All-NBA defender he used to be. (See CP3 drubbing he took immediately after coming over from the Swamp.)

Baron? Too inconsistent. One night he's a triple-double threat and the next a three-point shooting fiend.

Quick stat: Paul has 9 games with 20 points and 10+ assists, the rest of the NBA has eight.

And not only is he clearly the best point guard, he is and should be the MVP this year. Why? His Hornets overcame what was a thin bench until the Bonzi trade and a less-than stellar home court advantage until a year ago to get to the top spot in an amazingly rough Western Conference.

Paul has also improved his already sick game in every area: scoring, assists (which he is leading the league in. Move over Steve), shooting, steals.

Quick stat part II: Name another player in history to average 20 ppg, 10 apg, and 3 spg. Trick question. If CP keeps up with his average, he'll be the first ever.

And lastly, if Steve Nash could win two consecutive wins just for leading the league in assists, leading his team to the top of the standings, and getting the most out of his (already talented) teammates, why shouldn't Paul win for doing the exact same thing, only way better.

In 2004-05, Nash averaged 15.5 ppg and 11.5 apg for a Suns team that had the best team in the league, a time when the West wasn't nearly as deep as it is now. Paul is averaging as of today 21.6 ppg, 11.4 apg, and 2.7 steals.

In 2005-06, Nash averaged 18.8 ppg and 10.5 apg. Once again, compare that to the almost 22 ppg, 11 apg, and almost 3 spg Paul is putting up in a season where there will most likely be nine 50-win teams. And New Orleans is number 1.

Yes, the same Hornets squad with Morris Peterson as the starting 2-guard and a bench that relies on Bonzi Wells. Not a loaded Suns squad that had two other All-Stars (Amare and Marion) and shooters at every position.

Chris Paul made David West into an All-Star. And the season he's having should make him the NBA's MVP.


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Anonymous said...

You said Paul kills Deron and Baron and all of the one's you listed. I disagree. Go look at the stats when Deron plays CP3. Deron absoluatley owns. Deron is by far better thatn CP3. He's stronger, better shooter, same in passing, and Deron is better at creating his own shot when he wants. But that isn't the Jazz offense. It definatley is the Hornets because Paul's stats are really good. Deron's could be better if the Jazz system wasn't a "Team". Hands down Deron best point guard in the world.